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Re: [APD] Can one just give up?

S. Hieber wrote:

You could use a solenoid to open when the pH get down to a
specific level. Have the Solenoid teed off the CO2 line
that goes into the tank. When the solenoid opens, the CO2
bleeds out through the solenoid instead of going into the
tank. You won't be using any less CO2, but if, without the
solenoid, it's dumping more than is desired, you won't be
wasting any *more* -- and you won't be hurting the fish.

I've seen people using a powerhead connected to the pH controller. Either make the controller turn the powerhead on when the pH is too low, creating additional aeration, resulting in CO2 loss, or reverse the setup, use the powerhead to dissolve the CO2, and turn the powerhead off if the CO2 level is too low. You'd need to set it up so that the CO2 will just bubble out when the powerhead is off.....

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