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RE: [APD] Removes "heavy metals"?

I believe the chelators have preference for the heavier
metals. And it's only enough to grab ppb not ppm. But in
any event, if EDTA is the chelator, it breaks down from UV,
such as you might get from sunlight or fluorescent lights.

But I'll bet the plants can grab it eventually anyhow.
Chelated iron doesn't seem to keep the plants from getting

Scott H.
--- Laith Arif <laith at swissonline_ch> wrote:

> Hhhhmmmm... and just when I thought it wasn't an issue in
> terms of
> removing/neutralizing micro and macro nutrients for
> plants!  :-)
> Ok, once the Mg and Ca is chelated, is it still available
> for plants?  I
> would assume it functions just like chelated Fe and that
> plants still have
> access to it?

Want to get dirty but stay clean? 

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