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[APD] Hard Water

I have some concern about the hardness of my water.  I can use either
untreated water or water which has been treated with a softener.  The
untreated water gH = 13.8 and KH = 11, the water from the softener is gH =
<1 and the same KH = 11.  The question is which water source should I use?
What other problems do you think I will run into with water this hard?  I
plan to use Glossostigma extensively and from what I read they do not like
hard water.


For the substrate I am going to go with flourite.  Given the hardness of my
water, should I put a fine layer of peat on the bottom or not?  What effect
will peat have on my CO2 levels (i.e. the CO2/KH chart)?



1. Tank water volume: 135 gallon
2. Tank lighting: IceCap w/ 3ea. 5' VHO URI AquaSun 460 watts, 3.12 w/gal
3. Tank filtration: Trickle
4. Tank substrate: Fluorite
5. Automatic CO2 w/ Controller


Thanks for your help, any advice is appreciated.


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