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RE: [APD] Re: Replying to posts

Also -- when one goes into the archives searching a
subject, it's nice to have good pieces of a thread right
there in a message. Tracking down a thread's individual
messages can be a real pita. Sometimes one of the key
messages can only easily be found as an inclusion in
another message.

There's some pros and cons all the way around.

good luck, good fun,
Scott H.
--- Bob Crosby <rtcrosby at charter_net> wrote:

> Bill,
> In Outlook, you can also turn off the feature that
> includes the prior
> message(s) . . . However,
> IMO, I think
> it often important to at least include the sender's
> comments to which
> you are replying, just for the sake of continuity or
> understanding if
> you're just coming into the middle of a thread.

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