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Re: [APD] Re: Replying to posts --or - Zonkers and Honkers

It's nice if folks remember to cut out what doesn't need to
be quoted. More a benefit to those that get the mail in
digest form but nice either way. 

Otoh, some folks like to see a lot of the context. 

I once inadvertently sent an entire digest along with a
reply (and it was a big digest that afternoon)-- Yikes! But
some shnook pulls that stunt every year it seems ;-)

It's nice if folks remember to edit. It's a thing most of
us can easily forget from time to time. Yet, years of
complaints and prompts don't seem to have improved anyone's
memory -- However, could be it has and I'm just not
remembering it right. 

For better or worse, the prompts and complaints are a bit
like honking a car horn in bad traffic. It's usually not
the thing that makes the diff. Which is not to disparage
kind and courteous suggestions. Who couldn't use a reminder
now and then (car horns notwithstanding)?

Scott H.
--- Bill D:

> . . .delete . . . unwanted data from
> . . . email response
> before . . . send . . .

Want to get dirty but stay clean? 

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