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[APD] Re:Barclaya longifolia enquiry

........ I read in Dennerle's handbook that this plant does not cope well with being shifted around. I REALLY like this plant and will not be able to get my hands on another one. Should I leave it and wait for a bud to harvest the seeds or do I take my chances and transplant?
It would look fantastic in the 29g but I'm scared I'll kill it if moved? Any suggestions? Is this plant really that sensitive?

Kind Regards
Cameron James

I have not had a lot of experience with this species, but it does have a fairly large rhizome that stores food energy. If the leaves die back, there is a lot of energy stored to produce another crop of leaves. I would think that it would survive the transplant and, that if growing conditions were good in your 29g, it should recover rapidly.
Paul Krombholz in abnormally cool central Mississippi
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