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Re: [APD] working 115V lighting fixture in 220-240VAC region

I wouldn't doubt it. IT all depends on what the circuit is
like inside the ballast. Some are rather complicated, have
current limiters so that you can use diff size bulbs
without worrying about buring them out. And they have
*inverters/ that "multiply" the input frequency to
something much higher -- could be anywhere from a few
thousand Hz or much higher frequency. Depends on the
particular design.

I'll bet there are ballasts that work fine on 50 Hz and
some that work on 50 and 60 Hz, although I don't know about
that particular aspect of any particular ballast.

You might be more likely to find an appropriate ballast
among the ones made for industrial and office building use
than from aquarium equipment companies. Philips/Advance;
Universal; Sylvannia/Osram. . .

Scott H.
--- ktlau <ktlau at netvigator_com> wrote:

> Dear all,
> I just received confirmation from a leading aquarium
> lighting fixture
> manufacture that their 115V, 60Hz fixture will not work
> with 50Hz.  In
> other words even though you step down your local voltage
> to 115VAC, the
> fixture still can't work because it is design to intake
> 60Hz rather than
> 50Hz mains supply.
> How do you see this?

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