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[APD] Re: Lighting voltage question

Hello Scott:

If the ballasts were designed only for 110-120VAC then you
won't get the proper output from the ballast if you power
them directly with 220-240VAC. A simple magnetic ballast
probably will not be damaged by the higher input voltage
but it is likely to overload your bulbs. An electronic
ballast designed only for the lower input voltage might be
damaged by the higher input voltage.

This is my understanding as well.

For such ballasts, I think a stepdown transfer is your best
bet to run ballast designed for 110-120VAC.


However, I think most of the ballast manufacturers make
ballasts that will operate at the higher voltage. And some
of the electronic ballasts are designed to operate at 120
and 240V.

I'd rather use an electronic ballast that a magnetic one. Magentics are what I'm currently using.

Ballasts that operate certain straight tube fluorescents
will work fine with the so-called powercompacts. For
example, a ballast that will operate a pair of 54watt T5
High outout fluorescents (F54T5HO Lamp) will operate a pair
of 55watt Power Compacts (FT55W/2G11 & FT50W/2G11) that
require a 2G11 socket. A good example is the Universal
model FT55W/2G11 & FT50W/2G11. This ballast will operate on
a line voltage of 120-277VAC and properly run a single or a
pair of either type of bulb.

Grouch! We don't have the high output flourescents here either (South Africa)

The Advance ballast model HF-P 255 PLL is a 220-240V model
that operates two 55watt bulbs. Model HF-P 155 operates on
220-240V and operates on 55 watt bulbs. Advance is owned by
Philips so a supply house that handles Philips will
probably handle Advance.

There is a local Philips office that we deal with. I'll try to contact them through the university.

The 54 watt T5s and the 55watt PCs are so close in
operating characteristics that a ballast that will run one
will run the either, a general rule.

You might try electric supply houses to see if these
ballast can be ordered.

Hope that helps.

Help a lot. Thanks very much.


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