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[APD] Which compact flourescent?

Hello all-

Have decided to bite the bullet and get a compact
flourescent for my new 65 gallon tank.  I'd like to
grow stuff like glosso and riccia so I'm guessing at 3
watts per gallon.  However, the tank is 24" from top
to bottom, so perhaps I need more?

Scanning ebay, I see different configurations but most
seem to come with 10,000k and actinic and some with
moon lights.  If you buy one of these fixtures, are
the bulbs interchangeable with others (given the
straight or square pin configuration)?  I'm figuring I
need all 6700 daylight bulbs with maybe one 10,000k

Any reason to have legs to lift the light off of the
tank?  I would think that that could be annoying if
you are sitting in a chair nearby -- to have thelight
shining at you.

How do I accomplish the right amount of watts given
the configurations available.  Two different strips or
one strong one?  Tank is 36" long, 18" front to back,
24" top to bottom.

I'm looking for the most effective, best value (cost
is important).  I currently have 1 65 watt power
compact, and 3 20 watt strip lights.  The more I look,
the more I am confused.  I'll be using DIY Co2,
Flourite and TMG.  My light is my weak link.  

Any ideas gratefully appreciated.


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