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[APD] Re: Nutrient problem in Echinodorus spp.

Dave Millman writes:
"The common element seems to be that your root feeders (Echinodorus spp.)
are having trouble. Common wisdom has always been to add Jobes sticks for
Palms & Ferns to their roots. Having had a bad experience with the ammonia
in those, I add custom fertilizer sticks to the roots of my swords."

Thanks for the suggestion, Dave. The substrate is only a year old, so I
suppose it could be that my soil had enough N in it to last several months,
and is now running out.

I am curious: do most people have to fertilize their Echinodorus' roots?
Several people here suggest that plants can get everything they need from
the water column. Is this not true for Echinodorus spp.?

Or is the issue that my substrate is too fine to allow the 40 ppm of NO3
from the water to percolate down to where the roots are?

I'm just surprised to hear that some plants *can't* get everything they need
from the water column, and would like to hear others' experiences on this

- Jim S.

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