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RE: [APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 12, Issue 28

I really, really, really would *not* recommend moving a full 65G tank across
the floor by sliding it...


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Thanks everyone for your ideas on furniture glides....

I have since decided against it for fear that they
wouldn't be strong enough, regardless of how many I
added.  It's a 65 gallon.

I had wondered because I currently have a 29 gallon
and have moved that across my hardwood floors 2 or 3
feet, fully filled, and had no problem except
scratching of the floors.  That's why I wondered about
the glides -- in order to prevent the scratching.

But, you're all right == it isn't worth the risk and
if I have to move this, I will have to live with a few
scratches!  Thanks for your ideas!


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