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[APD] Re: fired clays - "Flourite"

>>If Fluorite is just clay, why not just dig up some clay from the nearest
road cut and dump it into a tank for a substrate.<<

Actually people HAVE done that. If you look back in the APD archives, before
Tom Barr came along with the estimated idex and dumping everything in the
water column, there was a lot of interest on APD in soil substrates. You can
even go back to Jim Kellys "Planted tank on a student budget" article, which
now seems ancient being over ten years old, which talked about using Yuma
county loam. There was a lot of discussion on "sub soil", digging up the
layer of dirt in your own back yard or a grassy field somewhere underneath
the top soil. There has been discussion on using ART clay. I remember in the
late nineties the concensus here seemed to be that the best outdoor soil to
use was sub soil, sandy loam, or clay soil.  That is why I was surprised
when I learned Diana Walstad was using potting soil. Oh well.

Best regards

Robert Hudson

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