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[APD] Re:Re: Flourite vs dirt

>>Well, when you consider non CO2 methods and the lack of dosing and
reliance on fish waste, it makes sense to add more OM to the substrate.<<

What is "OM"? And no offense Tom, but your incomplete sentences are
sometimes very difficult to follow. I personaly do not like using soils
because I do move plants around a lot, and a real rich top soil, super soil,
or potting soil will leech into the water colum as you said. Too much
decaying orgaics can cause problems such as creating a toxic gas and
depleting oxygen. This is why "fired" clay substrates, (am I really going to
have to use the word "fired" every time I describe a clay substrate now?)
are considered safer and inert.

So let me ask you this Tom, is iron that important in the substrate? Do we
really need an endless supply of high concentrations of iron? And if not,
what is it about Fluorite, (Flourite) that makes it such a great thing to
grow plants in?  If it supplies little else in the way of minerals, then
what is the big hubbabalu?  The only other thing it has going is cation
exchange capacity. With your method of adding everything to the water column
it really doesn't matter much what is in the substrate, right?

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Robert Hudson
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