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[APD] fired clays - "Flourite"

Only half joking, cut a geologists beer ration short and we get really surly.

I'd hate to hazard a guess about the exact source of "Fluorite", never having been in the area and not finding much on the net. That said, ;-)
it sure look a lot like the fired clays adjacent to burned out coal beds in Wyoming, Montana and the Dakotas. They range from relatively soft typically soft orange red - red to really hard blue - black and glassy. If it is natural it has to be some sort of cooked clay or shale.

Yeah, one has to laugh at the confusion once in a while, but being careless with terms even when we know the difference can really confuse the beginners. If Fluorite is just clay, why not just dig up some clay from the nearest road cut and dump it into a tank for a substrate. There is a big difference between greenware and the fired end product.

Just to be obstinate, there is a good possibility fluorite was actually shale in a previous life, after it's earlier life as a clay, before that who knows ... If it is natural it has to be some sort of cooked clay or shale

Regardless, I have it on good authority (Dr. Robert Houston, former chairman UW Wyo. Dept geology) that its just dirt, he used to claim anything younger than the Pre-Cambrian, was just dirt covering up the interesting stuff. ;-)


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