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Re: [APD] Furniture glides on the bottom of tank stand?

You can do this and you might not experience problems. But
there is some risk. And I think any tank manufacturer would
advise against it.

On a very small tank, it might not be too risky. A
potential problem with moving a tank with water in it is
that the water tends to slosh and the forces shift from one
side to the other with the slosh -- and it can unevenly
stress one or the other of the glass panels. The issue gets
worse with bigger tanks because the stresses can be

Another issue, if you over a wood floor, is that the floor
can settle if the tank has been in place for a while, so
that it's sitting slight divots/depressions/sags -- call
them what you will. Moving the tank slightly can raise one
corner more than the others and unevenly stress the

I doubt that these things will cause serious problems most
of the time. The probability is low, but a leaky tank or
broken panel is a darned awful thing to deal with. 

Once filled, an aquarium ought to be left in place. If you
need to move it slightly for a speical reason, drain down
the water as much as practical and carefully reposition. If
you need to move te tank often, consider a single move to a
another location.

Scott H.
--- NYCMags <heavensabvus1 at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Has anyone ever attached furniture glides the bottom
> of their tank stand?  If I had to make minor
> adjustments to tank position later on I thought this
> might be helpful.
> They would be the type you buy at a home improvement
> store and nail in.  Anyone had any experience with
> this?  Bad idea?
> Valerie
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