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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 12, Issue 22

Tom said:

"Nothing personal, just wanted to make clear my position/advice.
I swear I'm not 1/2 as crotchety in person:-)
For me, it's about the plant issue, never a personal one.
So my apologies for this web communication that misses so much of the actual meaning and tone. "

No worries and certainly no apologies necessary Tom, it's quite extraordinary how tone and meaning can often be misconstrued so easily in an e-mail. :) In fact I am a text book case when it comes to this (I was the one not so long ago to make a rather silly remark about cops, I mean police officers, yessir, the less said about that one the better :-)

Within the next year or 2 I am seriously thinking of coming over to partake in your yearly plant fest. This kind of thing really appeals to me in a big way at the moment, and I'd love to actually meet you in person just to see if you're not as crotchety as you say you are :-)

Thanks for the reply and clarification to my post, I've printed it out and will try to wrap my head around it later on. May you have a well deserved and interesting weekend. Happy camping everyone :-)

Kindest regards
Cameron James
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