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[APD] Wet Thumbs Forum

James said:

"Ellen O'Connell mentioned that Diana Walstad participates in something
called "wet Thumbs Forum". I tried to do a Google search on the term and all
I got were a bunch of porn sites."

Yes thats right James, have'nt you heard? Diana has thrown in the towel with aquatic gardening and has now started moonlighting as a Down & Dirty Porn queen...Her new book is a few days away from being published and will be titled 'Sex in the planted aquarium' and promises to be a real head turner... :)
Sorry James, I just could'nt resist, is it not the same site that Robert H runs??
Have a good and restful weekend, and stay away from those porn sites, it'll make you blind you know :)

Kind Regards
Cameron James
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