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[APD] snail killing chemicals

I've had snails in my tank for over a year now and generally I can put up with them, but I've recently decided that I don't like the look of them and would like a snail-free tank if at all possible.

Here's some pictures of the little buggers:

I've been considering using a copper-based snail killing chemical such as "Aquamaster Snail-rid", but am a bit worried about the effects of such a product on the plants. I know of one person who has used a half dosage of this product successfully and didn't kill the plants, only slowed them down for a couple of weeks. But I'd like some more advice/opinions before proceeding.

My main concern is if the copper will kill the plants. I have swords, anubias, java fern/moss, crypts and H. corymbosa. Also a bit worried about ammonium from rotting snail carcases.

The plan of attack would be to go on "snail warfare" for a week before dosing to physically remove as many of the buggers as possible. Then add a half dose of snail-rid, leave it for however long it takes to kill the snails (24h? 48? longer? any ideas anyone?) and then carryout 50% water changes every couple of days for two weeks or so to get the copper concentration down and prevent ammonium buildup from dead snails. I may have to repeat this if I don't get them all on the first try.

Does this seem like an okay idea or is this just totally not on in a planted tank? Opinions welcomed?

Tank info: 48x14x18" 50g tank - 42g water column
1.5wpg of T8 FL on for 10.5 h
pressurised CO2, external reactor on fluval 204 output. shooting for 20-30ppm.
~50 bpm 24/7. Powerhead runs at night to agitate surface for CO2 offgasing and O2 transfer
Tap water is very soft
50% waterchange 2x week
Before refilling, add 15mL aquaplus dechlorinator
During refilling, add 3tsp CaCl2, 1tsp MgSO4, 3tsp NaHCO3, 1tsp K2SO4
After refilling, add 1/2tsp KNO3, 60mL KH2PO4 (1/2tsp in 500mL stock), 10mL traces
temp 82F, GH 8, KH 5, pH 6.6
4 discus, 2 SAEs, 8 rummynose, 7 cardinals, 8 ottos, 4 corys.



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