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[APD] How do your gardens grow?

The on-line AGA library that Karen Randall mentioned sounds like it will be 
good.  I really enjoy looking at the pictures of the tanks in the annual 
aquascaping contests on the AGA.  The judges critiques are especially interesting.  
Really turned my tank around.  For example, I removed the sponge filter that 
I've been using for the past 6 years because it was detracting from the 
aesthetics of the tank.  It looks much better now.  Removing the sponge filter made 
room for a rock that I like.  So now I have plants, a fish and a pet rock!

The rock is doing very well and is really undemanding.  Sometimes I think I 
would be better off with a tank full of rocks and maybe some driftwood without 
plants or fish.  Which leads me to a question about my java fern.  The 
conditions are:  2 gallon tank, 2.25 watts per gallon, 20-30 mg/l CO2, ~5 mg/l NO3, 
~0.05 mg/l PO4, ~0.7 ml TMG at water change, with doses of K, change 50% of the 
water once a week, fish has not been in the tank for the last two weeks.  The 
problem is that the new growth on my java fern has been yellowing for the 
last two weeks.  What could be causing that?  I've been adding KNO3 which makes 
me think maybe it's an iron deficiency.  But it could also be a lack of 
Magnesium right?

The plant did well for months when I changed 25% of the water every three 
days and the fish was in the tank.  It has been two weeks since I started 
changing 50% of the water once a week.  I also recently increased the lighting and 
CO2.  Could the plant be consuming its nutrients before the end of the week?  
Would I be better off dosing TMG everyday or every other day instead of dosing 
weekly as directed on the label?  How do your gardens grow?
George Mangen
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