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Re: [APD] Re: Dirt and how to enrich an established soil tank

First, when we talk about the desired thickness of the soil layer of the
substrate, are we talking about the soil as it is poured from the bag or
after is has soaked for two weeks?  My guess is that an inch of dry soil
would reduce to about a quarter inch or less after soaking.

An inch of dry material. If you put dry in the aquarium, top it with your gravel, then fill, the 1" layer of soil doesn't seem to reduce in size.

Second, I've seen both top soil and potting soil mentioned as appropriate
substrates.  Are they?  Top soil is low in organics and, I guess, its
mineral content could be just about anything.  Pottting soil has more
organics.  Potting soil also usually has nutrients added to it.  Does this
raise any issues?

Diana Walstad participates in the Wet Thumb Forums. So far as I can tell right now the soil substrate folks seem to think Miracle Grow potting soil is fine, although the only kind I can find in this area does have additives. When I set my tanks up I searched long and hard to find plain potting soil without additives.

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