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[APD] Sunken Gardens

Hi Mike,

Sorry you "found" Sunken Gardens just when I decided to "retire" from AFM. (at least in terms of the column... I will still submit articles to them from time to time)

But never fear, that does NOT mean I am retiring from aquatic gardening or from writing.  It only means that I can invest more time into TAG, magazine of The Aquatic Gardeners Association, and into articles that are of more interest to me personally.  Unfortunately, AFM runs only beginner-level articles these days.  If you are not currently a member of AGA, I suggest you join.  We put out a great magazine, with lots of super articles from top aquarists (and also just-starting aquarists with good ideas!) from around the globe.  In the mean time, I intend to spend some of my newly found "free time" (said euphemistically, since I have two growing boys!) going through a lot of my old material.  The hope is that it will become the base for an on-line library of how-to material to be housed on the AGA web site.

In the mean time, since I don't always (let's be honest, I rarely) have time to read the APD these days, if you (or anyone else) as a question they want to direct to me, please feel free to write to me directly.  I can't promise that I can always answer, and questions that are specific (rather than "How do I set up a planted tank?"<g>) are more likely to get an answer.  But I will do my best to post answers on the AGA Members mailing list.

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