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Hello everyone,
                        I sure everyone "in the know" was already aware of this, but the most disappointing thing happened to me today. I recently purchased some back issues of Aquarium Fish Magazine ( 1997 ) and was very excited to see a column called Sunken Gardens ( just the greatest name for an aquatic plant column, don't you think? ) I was even more excited to see that it was written by our very own and much loved Karen Randall. I had read many of Karen's posts and her answers to posts in the archives here and at thekrib, so I was eager to read the column. I quickly devoured the four columns I had received, Oct. Nov. Dec. 97' and Jan 98' ( I should mention here that this new battle over soil substrates is addressed in the Jan 98' Sunken Gardens column entitled "Muddy Topic, The use of soil substrates can really make plants thrive - If you know what you're doing." I immediately decided to get a subscription to this wonderful magazine. My very first issue arrived yesterday. I dove straight for the Sunken Gardens. Imagine my dismay as I opened the page only to find out that this, my very first, would also be my very last Sunken Gardens column. I guess I will have to purchase more back issues of Sunken Gardens OH, I mean Aquarium Fish Magazine, if I wish to read more of Karen's work.
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