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Re: [APD] RE: Where the low light wendtii

The C. wendtii that you will find, if it's anything like
the stuff I've found, can easily get to the top of a 29g
given enough time. In low light, it might take a while to
establish but once it reaches critical mass, you'll be
pruning it back regularly.

I don't think much redness will appear in the red varieties
without a bit higher light.

Some of the anubias nana, which grow quite slowly and seem
to appreciate low light, can present a nice deep dark green
against a background of common swords like Echinodorus

Scott H.
--- Benjamin Hong <bkhong at rogers_com> wrote:

> Actually, I do have a piece of driftwood that I'm putting
> into the tank, so
> I guess that does present a colour change ;-)  In a 15g
> maybe this is all I
> need.  C. Wendtii has interested me, and I am thinking of
> that, but does it
> not lie flat?  I was hoping for something that would
> stand tall in the
> background, and, no, red is not necessarily a
> prerequisite, I just think
> some of the red plants are quite striking.  But any
> colour I think would
> create a nice contrast. Varying shades of green is a good
> point...mind you
> I'm not familiar enough with all the plants yet to know
> what to look for,
> and my LFS only carries basic varieties in store.  I will
> have to order
> through them any specific plants which they don't have in
> stock.
> thx Rachel

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