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[APD] Re: Dirt and how to enrich an established soil tank

Tom Barr said:

>"I diod noit say this "to add 2-3 inches of soil or 1/2" humus layer.
>Maybe 1/2 -1" of soil or peat on the bottom and some mulm for a non CO2 aquarium with a 3-4" cap of >sand/Flourite, Turface/sand mix etc, maybe 1/2-1" of kitty litter/mulm and a cap etc."

My apologies Tom, i was completely recalling from memory and did not mean to misquote you, my bad.

>I'm not sure what all the hoodoo is over getting soil, just go down and get some organic potting soil and soak it >2-3 weeks, slap it in, add some mulm, cap and you are done. Heck, soil is dirt cheap.  
>Turface is cheap, so is sand, given the cost issue.

Truthfully, I'm a tad confused between the 2 methods of c02 and non-co2 setups. I have been running a 10g high light co2 setup for the last year with great results thanks to your methods. I want to try a bigger tank (29g) low light setup also using DIY co2 but with a soil based substrate, I was basically going to follow Diana's method except I'll be adding DIY co2 to the filter intake, I like the faster growth :) Is this a good/bad idea? Why?

You say adding a carbon source to reduce redox in the soil...I'll go and search the archives for what you mean by this, I'm obviously a bit fuzzy round the edges when it comes to redox and all that soily stuff :o Thanks for any clarity offered and apologies again for the misquote earlier on.

Warm regards
Cameron James
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