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Re: [APD] low-light un-green plants


your tank sounds like mine - a 29 gallon tall with 30 watts of normal fluorescent light. The only red plant I've been able to grow reliably in there is sunset hygro, and it is mostly green with red veining. But don't despair - green can be fun too! Think about different shades of green to give your tank some visual interest - the dark, dark green of bolbitis makes a nice visual statement, for example. Crypt Wendtii comes in some color varieties, but I don't think red is one of them.

For reddish color, you might think about a piece of driftwood or some rocks. Not plants, true, but they can really spark up an all-green tank.


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  Hey everyone,
  I've been trying to find a plant that will do alright in my low-light tank,
  but that isn't a green colour.  I love the look of the red plants, but alas
  the light requirements are far beyond my current capabilities at the moment.
  The only plant I have found that potentially comes close is the Ludwigia
  Repens 'rubin'.  But the plant person at my LFS tells me I may have trouble
  with it if I have less than a medium light setup.  Anything anyone can tell
  me about this plant, or perhaps other 'colourful' plants that will be

  While I'm at it...I've been paying attention to many of the lighting
  discussions, but don't know enough about them to keep up entirely (many
  abbreviations get confusing sometimes, but I sure do know more about PC's of
  late!;-).  This is about bulbs: I have only about 1 watt per gallon (15watt
  hood, 15 gallon tank...ouch, I know).  It's going to stay that way for a
  while cuz money is not in abundance in this student's life (and the next
  batch will have to go to plants).  From what I can tell, the hagen Power Glo
  seems the way to go, but I hear talk about lights made by GE and such.  Are
  these cheaper?  Just as good?  I will be investing in a good reflector, once
  I figure out how to make one cheap...;-)

  Thanks everybody!

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