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[APD] Re: Flourite & Soil

Robert Hudson wrote:

>>Scott, is it my imagination, or do you use every available opportunity to
take a shot at Steve's postings on the APD? Since I've been back on the
list, it feels to me that you have an axe to grind that might be addressed
better in private.<<

But James, you went on to support the idea in what you said that Flourite
and soil are not the same thing. Flourite is clay, pure clay. Soil can be
most anything...clay, manure, compost, whatever. Most soils are heavy in
organics. I don't think Jamie tested any top soil, potting soil, sandy loam,
or any other kind of soil, but I may be wrong.  I am not defending Scott, I
didn't read the whole conversation, but perhaps Steve could elaborate more?
And if he did already and I missed reading that part of the conversation as
well I apologize.

Jamie most definitely DID test a topsoil, Ontario Post Glacial Topsoil,
which I have used for a number of years for houseplants. I supplied the test
sample. Jamie's analysis of this material indicated that it isn't as "rich"
in nutrients as I might have expected, but boy, does it grow nice African
Violets. Loose, friable, dark brown in color.

One thing that I have learned with ANY soil based substrate but failed to
mention in my post, was pointed out by Tom Barr - soils intended for
aquarium use must be pre-treated by being submerged in water for several
weeks BEFORE you use them - to allow time for conversion of any NH4 into
NO3. Another is that soil based substrates have a limited useful life -
eventually you'll need to supplement them with additional nutrients. Steve
likes to make clay balls - you could also use Duplarit K balls, Jobes Spikes
for Ferns & Palms, Seachem Flourish Tabs. I believe that Diana Walstad
discusses this in her book (I have it but haven't re-read it for a while).

I can agree that soil and Flourite are different, but BOTH can work well,
when used properly. You just have to act judiciously.

My post to Steve was more concerned with the TONE of his response to Steve -
since I rejoined the list last Spring, I have noticed that whenever Steve
posts something, there is more than likely going to be a snarky reply from
Scott H. I agree with most of what Scott has to say on the list, but I feel
rather uncomfortable when he takes a personal shot at Steve. This sort of
snipping has no place in this forum and can only lead to flame wars,
something which we haven't seen here in quite some time.

James Purchase

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