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Re: [APD] Steve vs Scott not Flourite vs. Soil

If that's the view, then I've written poorly.

Allow me to try to clear up my presentation of my thoughts.
Easier to clear up the sentences than the brain ;-)

It's certainly not a matter of Flourite *versus* soil
supplemented substrates, as if one is a better method than
the other. But that does not make things personal.

Steve posts lots of times without any reply from me. When I
have something to say in response to a post, whoever it is
from, I usually post. When I think a post is rather
outlandish, my response might be equally, uh, eccentric. If
that offends APD readers, of course I apologize; offense is
not my intent. I think more of the novice searching into
the archives a week or a year or two from now and being
misled to conclude, "Hey, I can save lots of money by not
using Flourite and just putting dirt under some gravel and
accomplish the very same thing."

I've discussed soil supplemented substrates previously and
not unfavorably, on APD. I've been a strong fan of Diana
Walstad's book since I first came across around 1999 --
although not merely the method she favors but too for
broader reasons. I've devoted two editions of "Stranded on
the List" to soil supplemented substrates in upcoming
issues of AGA's _The Aquatic Gardener_. Like all practical
methods, soil supplmented substrates have their pros and
cons. And it's applicability for a particular aquarium
depends in large part on gardener's goals. But using soil
supplementation as a broad but buried supply of nutrients
and using straight Flourite (or other highly porous,
cation-exchange supporting, iron rich but certainly not
broadly nutrient rich, clay material) are importantly diff
methods, functionally and aesthetically. Which is not to
say that I think one is better than the other but that they
ought not to be confused as two faces of the same coin. And
at the very least, certainly, few substrate materials, with
or without a soil underlayment, have the particular and so
often appreciated appearance of Flourite and Flourite Red.

Scott H., who also likes other substrate materials besides

--- Raj <ggrk at blr_vsnl.net.in> wrote:
> James, its not your imagination. I have made the
> same
> observation. I agree with your suggestion.
> >Scott, is it my imagination, or do you use every
> > available opportunity to
> >take a shot at Steve's postings on the APD? Since I've
> > been back on the
> >list, it feels to me that you have an axe to grind that
> >might be addressed
> >better in private.

Want to get dirty but stay clean? 

Diana Walstad, author of _Ecology of the Planted Aquarium_ will discuss soil supplemented aquarium substrates at the 2004 AGA Convention.

Convention Details/Registration at aquatic-gardeners.org & gwapa.org
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