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[APD] Re:Flourite vs. Soil

>>Scott H. wrote, in response to a post by Steve Pushak:
"If you think dirt and Flourite are the same thing, either
you ain't seen Flourite or you ain't seen dirt."

Scott, is it my imagination, or do you use every available opportunity to
take a shot at Steve's postings on the APD? Since I've been back on the
list, it feels to me that you have an axe to grind that might be addressed
better in private.<<

But James, you went on to support the idea in what you said that Flourite
and soil are not the same thing. Flourite is clay, pure clay. Soil can be
most anything...clay, manure, compost, whatever. Most soils are heavy in
organics. I don't think Jamie tested any top soil, potting soil, sandy loam,
or any other kind of soil, but I may be wrong.  I am not defending Scott, I
didn't read the whole conversation, but perhaps Steve could elaborate more?
And if he did already and I missed reading that part of the conversation as
well I apologize.

Steve has done a lot of work with soils and has a great deal of information
about it on his WEB site. Diana Walstad has done even more and I am looking
forward to hearing from her at the convention. Of course you can also talk
to her directly at my forums where she is a moderator. You guys should come
talk to her about it.

Diana talks about using top soil to provide minerals and nitrogen, something
Flourite can NOT do. She does not add baked mineral balls like Steve does.
She doesn't add anything to the substrate or the water column. I would say
there is a BIG BIG difference between soil and Flourite in that reagard.
Like night and day.

Best regards

Robert Hudson
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