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[APD] Re: Flourite

"From: NYCMags <heavensabvus1 at yahoo_com>
Subject: [APD] Tank Size & Flourite
To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com

I've decided to go with 100% Flourite (6 bags).  This
should give me 3.5"  If I decided to go deeper I'll
add some more Flourite later.  I'll skip the Onyx and
keep buffering my water with the crushed coral which
has been very successful so far."

Remember to add mulm from an established FW tank and some peat(or some soil), about 2 handfuls is all you'll need, add as much mulm as will fill the bottom of the tank with a nice soupy layer. Rinse the flourite 2-3x, do not try and clean it all the way. 
Add the mulm
Add the peat
Add the flourite

That's about all you need to do from here on with your substrate.
For a non CO2 tank, add roughly 1" of soil or peat, same other wise.

Tom Barr
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