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[APD] RE: Help raising GH from 0!

There is a recipe for synthetic water at uniquaria.com/articles/swr.  The 
recipe calls for Sodium Bicarbonate but you could leave that out.  It also uses 
Potassium Bicarbonate but this could be substituted with some other Potassium 
source like Potassium Chloride which is what Mortin's "Salt Substitute" is made 
of.  Aquatic Eco Systems sells Calcium Chloride in 4 and 35 pound containers 
at a reasonable price.  It's more soluble than Calcium Carbonate.  You can get 
Calcium Sulphate from homebrew suppliers.  I found it for $1.95 a pound at 
daveshombrew.com.  The Mallinckrodt chemical catalog lists Calcium Sulphate at 
$95.75 for 500 grams!  I know you might be concerned about the chlorides, but 
the author of the synthetic water recipe says his plants are doing well.
George Mangen

Did some research and found that Dolomite is actually Calcium Magnesium 
Carbonate! So, due to the carbonates, this will raise my KH as well...Also, being 
the smart person I am, I have decided to read the ingredients inmore detail now 
(instead of at the pharmacy) and find that the tablets have lactose and corn 
starch in them too. So, any ideas on: - How much will this raise my KH? same 
amount as GH? - The effect of lactose and corn starch on plants/fish? - I 
thought I had found a way to add Calcium and Magnesium without raising KH. Anyone 
know of another way?
Laith Arif

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