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[APD] Tank Size & Flourite

Thanks everyone for your very helpful replies....

I've decided to go with 100% Flourite (6 bags).  This
should give me 3.5"  If I decided to go deeper I'll
add some more Flourite later.  I'll skip the Onyx and
keep buffering my water with the crushed coral which
has been very successful so far.

As to tank height, still undecided and letting it cook
a little in the old noggin.  A tank 18" high has a
great advantage in being able to maneuver in it, and
I'd also get more bang for the buck out of my
lighting.  However, I have a java fern and crypt that
are blocking light in my current tank (18" too)
because they are out of room and flop over.  They are
huge and healthy and could use more air space.  The
one thing about the higher tank (24") is that if it is
too annoyingly high, I can always add more gravel (how
that would look I don't know), but I can't add more
height to the 18" tank.

Well, still thinking....and thanks for those who are
sharing their ideas!


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