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[APD] Flourite

Scott wrote:
> If you think dirt and Flourite are the same thing, either
> you ain't seen Flourite or you ain't seen dirt.

Rest assured that there is nothing exceptional about Fluorite that is
not available from using a very small amount of soil together with
appropriate hydroponic mineral dosing. I have been growing aquatic
plants for many years. You needn't take my word for it as there are
dozens of other highly respected aquatic plant research scientists,
botanists and experienced hobbyists who grow aquatic plants using soil.

Of course, soils are extremely diverse so if you are going to collect
your own soil for an aquarium, it would be wise to read up on it.

I recommend Diana Walstad's book, "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A
Practical Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist" or any
of Paul Krombholz's articles in the back issues of TAG or to the
comments by Dr Dave Huebert in the archives of the APD. I also recommend
reading comments by Karen Randall and Neil Frank, also found in the APD

There is no single, best approach and all of the experts have slightly
differing techniques based upon their own experiences and objectives.

Steve P in sunny, hot Vancouver

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