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[APD] excess Iron Phosphate causes leaves to turn black or brown


I just started a a 10 gallon planted tank about 2-3
weeks ago and recently I've noticed that some of
leaves on plants are turning black and brown. I search
the web and found this website:
that claimed that excess Phosphate can lead to the
following symptoms:

"Production of the Iron Phosphate causes the leaves to
turn Black or Brown and to die. In addition if there
is an excess of Nitrates your tank will experience an
Algae bloom."

Is what they're saying correct? Now, I have no fish in
my tank. (Apartment does not allow pets of any kind) I
just put in a DIY CO2 injection system and 3 days ago
I started to dose my tank with a modified PMDD
solution. Subsitituted Potassium Sulfate with Muriate
of Potash and Potassium Nitrate with Soda of Nitrate.
So where is the excess phosphate coming from? To
compensate for the lack of fish, I have been throwing
in about 1 or 2 fish food tablets in the tank past two
weeks. Could this be my problem?



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