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Re: [APD] Re: Hello/Tank Size/Flourite -- or - volume to pounds to bags

Determining how much Flourite:

Per SeaCehm, Flourite yields about 28 cubic inches per
pound. Take the front-to-back inside measurement of your
aquarium times the inside length measurement times the
depth of substrate you desire (all in inches) and divide
that product by 28. That quotient is the number of pounds
of Flourite you need. There is about 15.4 pounds per bag so
divide the number of pounds you need by 15.4 and then
either round down or round up to the nearest whole bag.

            width     substrate
length      F-t-B     depth
36"      x  18"        x 3"     => 5 bags of Flourite, 

just as you calculated.

I'd go for an average depth closer to 4 or 5" myself, with
about 2"-3" towards the front and about 4"-6" towards the
back. An average depth of 4" - 5" would require 7-8 bags.

Scott H.

--- Bill Wichers <billw at waveform_net> wrote:

> > . . .  
> >Flourite:
> >Regardless of which tank I pick, from the calculations
> >in the archives, I've figured I need about 6 bags of
> >Flourite for 3-3.25 inches, which will leave me a
> >little for my 10 gallon.  My water is very, very soft
> >and I use some crushed coral in a bag in my Aquaclear
> >filter.
> Seachem has a number on their site that says about how
> deep a layer a bag 
> will give in a certain size tank (I think it is 2" in a
> 10 gallon tank). 
> Just work that out as a volume per bag and figure out the
> volume you want 
> to cover. For example, at 2" for a 10 gallon tank (about
> 20" x 10" base 
> dimensions), means about  400 cubic inches per bag. 3" in
> a 65 gallon (36" 
> x 18" base dimensions) would need about 1,944 cubic
> inches or about 5 bags. 
> Best to get an extra bag or two so that you can make the
> substrate a bit 
> deeper in places if you want, especially considering that
> you have a place 
> to put any extra Flourite that you don't need. You can
> get tank dimensions 
> from the tech info page at the back of the All-Glass
> catalog, assuming you 
> get a tank that uses their dimensions.
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