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[APD] Planted tank with no fish


I think you should get a monster 500 gallon tank with man eating plants for 
when the pet police come to inspect your apartment.  It would have no fish in 
it so they couldn't say anything and then...SNAP!!!, chomp, chomp, 
chomp...gulp.  No more pet police, problem solved.  But with all due sincerity it is 
entirely possible (even preferable) to grow plants without fish.  You have to add 
Potassium Nitrate and Potassium Phosphate to compensate for the lack of fish 
waste and then fertilize with an iron based fertilizer and voila, you'll have 
voracious man eating plants for your landlord to come see!
George Mangen

Hello, I understand that aquatic plants rely a lot on the nutrients found in 
fish wastes to grow and survive. I was wondering if plants can thrive in a 
aquarium tank with no fish in it. If it is possible then what supplements will I 
need to supply in order to compensate for the lack of fish? The only reason I 
ask this is because my apartment doesn't allow pets whatsoever. But they 
didn't say I couldn't have a planted tank :) Thanks .-WC
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