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[APD] Re: water hyacinths

> Anyone know how much light we need for Water Hyacinths? 

They really want direct sunlight, 6 hours a day or so. They'll 
survive on less, but won't propagate rapidly.

I overwintered some water hyacinth from my pond once. It was about 
six inches from a 175W metal halide lamp, and it didn't do all that 
well. Survived, but didn't flower or look particularly healthy.

I had better luck with azolla and duckweed in lower-light conditions. 
The goldfish will eat duckweed like crazy, and you don't want to get 
it into any of your other tanks, but it does absorb nutrients and 
keep the water temp down. Azolla doesn't seem to be that appetizing 
to fish.

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