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Re: [APD] Circulation -- or - An air for no air pump

Pumping air into the water will have the same effect as
surface agiation for the simple reason that you aremixing
air and water wher the two meet. Not to mention that, when
the bubble reach the aquarium water surface, agitation is

Even if you do not inject CO2 into your aquarium water,
without the agitation, the CO2 levels can build to slightly
higher than they would be merely by exposing the water to
the CO2 that in the air. The CO2 will come formthe from the
fish and the plants will be happy to use it. So a water
pump (power head, canister output) with the output far
enough below the water surface that you don't have any
splash or agitation is a better way to go, other things
being equal.

So I would skip the air pump. If there is good circulation,
you will still get plenty of O2 in the water from the
plants. And you will still get some gas exchange at the
water surface.

Air pumps are really inexpensive substitutes for water
pumps and water pumps do a much better job of circulating
water. Also, in fish-only tanks, air pumps and surface
agitation are "substitute" mechanisms for the O2 production
of plants. Imo, plants are much prettier than airstones.
And the plants give the fish potential hiding places, so
that they behave less timitdly, even when not hiding --
maybe just knowing the hiding places is there is enough ;-)

Favor the plants and you will favor the fish ;-)

Good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- Aaron Steiner <steinish at adelphia_net> wrote:

> Hi all!  I'm new to the list so please excuse me if my
> question had 
> been asked many times before.
> I'm looking for suggestions on creating some circulation
> in my 20gal 
> planted aquarium with minimum surface agitation.  I
> wondered about 
> getting an air pump and running a "T" off of it to have a
> few air tubes 
> down near the substrate...or maybe a small
> powerhead/other options??
> I'd love to hear some success stories.
> Aaron
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How long can you wait until the good air fares are gone? 
The AGA 2004 Convention is still over two months away. But "last minute" air fares can be pricey. Not to mention the Banquet and Field trip have limited capacity. Take time to make your plans but don't wait too long.

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