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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 12, Issue 10

On Fri, 6 Aug 2004 11:29:52 -0400, Big D wrote

> Does anyone 
> have an option on these lights over a 120 (4x2x2)?  Would you 
> recommend any other types of light.

I'm not familiar with the JBJ product, so can't comment.  For my 150 
(5x2x2) I use 6 AHSupply 55 watt lights running front-to-back.  That gives me
2.2 watts/gallon from the artificial light.  The lights are mounted in an
open-topped rack that sits on the tank frame.  That leaves about 2/3 of the
top of the tank open.  That doesn't really let things grow out of the tank but
it does give a great view down into the tank.  The tank itself sits under
skylights, so the open top is also great for letting sunshine in.  It also
helps keep the tank temperature down.

On your 120 (probably without skylights) you might want to stick with 6 lamps,
which would leave less of the top open.  Alternatively, the rack could be
suspended a few inches above the water, leaving everything open.  Your choice.

> 2.  Having an open top is very important to me, so I really have not 
> sold myself on the idea of a canopy.  The only thing I may use as a 
> cover are the plastic egg crate covers that are used in offices. 
>  Any suggestions here, especially when using the JBJ lights?

I used to use the lighting egg crate.  I still have it on two tanks where I
rest the lights directly on the egg crate.  I got rid of it in the other tanks
in favor of no cover at all.  That helps with cooling, doesn't cut down on
light as much as the egg crate does and it's less stuff to deal with during
water changes.  My lights sit on the tank with nothing between them and the
water.  It's important to make sure that the lamps are secure and cannot come
in contact with the water.  If you want a completely open top then you can
build a 4"-6" wall around the top of the tank rim (out of acrylic, for
instance) that will keep critters from jumping or climbing out.

Roger Miller
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