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Re: [APD] Help With My New Tank!! -- or - Reflections on choices

I very grateful for the information everyone has
provided about bulbs; however, I think I am missing a
key component.  

I don't really understand how to determine what amount
of light is actually required by the plants.  I am
sure it is not watts; since, every type of light seems
to have a different amount of watts for every bulb.  

For example in my tank, how can i determine how much
light will be needed and then correspond this to the
different types of bulbs.  BTW it will be heavily

Would I be trying to estimate the lumens needed and
then match the number of bulbs to this total amount of

I thought the substrate stuff was bad, this lighting
business is worse!



--- "S. Hieber" <shieber at yahoo_com> wrote:

> Be sure and get the kit(s) with the AHS reflector
> for these
> bulbs. Excellent reflective properties, very
> durable, and
> helps move away heat.
> If you need more than 26 watts, consider the 36 watt
> kit or
> 55 watt kit, which will cost less. These use
> electronic
> ballasts, are more energy efficient, and you can get
> the
> same great type of reflectors.
> [shameless nonprofit plug] Btw, I think AHS is going
> to be
> at the Aquatic Gardeners Convention this November.
> At last
> year's convention, Kim Bryant of AHS demonstrated
> how to 
> convert a commercially available hood to PCs with
> one of
> the AHS kits. I'm hoping to see another
> demonstration tied
> in with the equipment Amano uses for his
> demonstration. 
> good luck, good fun,
> Scott H.
> --- Shalom Levytam <shalominc at yahoo_com> wrote:
> > . . .  
> > The other option I am considering is using a few
> of
> > the 13watt cf tubes from ah.
> =====
> How long can you wait until the good air fares are
> gone? 
> The AGA 2004 Convention is bit over two months away.
> But "last minute" fares can be pricey. Not to
> mention the Banquet and Field trip have limited
> capacity. Take time to make your plans but don't
> wait too long.
> Convention Details/Registration at
> aquatic-gardeners.org & gwapa.org
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