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Re: [APD] Help With My New Tank!! -- or - Reflections on choices

Be sure and get the kit(s) with the AHS reflector for these
bulbs. Excellent reflective properties, very durable, and
helps move away heat.

If you need more than 26 watts, consider the 36 watt kit or
55 watt kit, which will cost less. These use electronic
ballasts, are more energy efficient, and you can get the
same great type of reflectors.

[shameless nonprofit plug] Btw, I think AHS is going to be
at the Aquatic Gardeners Convention this November. At last
year's convention, Kim Bryant of AHS demonstrated how to 
convert a commercially available hood to PCs with one of
the AHS kits. I'm hoping to see another demonstration tied
in with the equipment Amano uses for his demonstration. 

good luck, good fun,
Scott H.

--- Shalom Levytam <shalominc at yahoo_com> wrote:

> . . .  
> The other option I am considering is using a few of
> the 13watt cf tubes from ah.

How long can you wait until the good air fares are gone? 
The AGA 2004 Convention is bit over two months away. But "last minute" fares can be pricey. Not to mention the Banquet and Field trip have limited capacity. Take time to make your plans but don't wait too long.

Convention Details/Registration at aquatic-gardeners.org & gwapa.org
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