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[APD] Re: Ozone

I just heard that Ozone can be used to kill algae...does anybody has the


Ozone can probably kill algae, it can kill just about anything... Ozone (O3) is a *very* potent oxidizer and will eventually destroy most plastics and metals in high enough concentrations over a period of time. I know the marine guys like to use it as a water purifier, but I don't think it is going to be particularly useful in a planted tank -- you are too likely to kill things you want to keep alive. Plus, the ozone generators I've seen are fairly expensive and are finicky in terms of maintenance.

For basic algae control you'll be better off following the methods discussed on the list in regards to water chemistry and fertilizer regimen, and using some algae-eating fish like the famous SAEs and Otocinclus.


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