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[APD] Re:Planted tank with no fish

...........If it is possible then what supplements will I need to supply in order to compensate for the lack of fish?

If you don't have fish, then you can have Daphnia, which will keep the water clear. Snails can keep the soft types of algae under control. (These aren't pets, just "accompanying invertebrates" that came along with the plants.) If you are planning on a Diana Walstad type of tank, without CO2 additions, toss in some oatmeal flakes every few days to provide CO2 and feed the invertebrates. Bits of dried liver can provide nitrogen and phosphorus, in the same way that fish food does. You are just feeding invertebrates, not fish. You will probably have to provide some supplemental potassium.

On the other hand, if you are going all out for pushing growth, you are going to have supplemental CO2 and you will be adding the full slate of nutrients. Daphnia are still useful in controlling green water under these conditions. If you don't want to use Daphnia, then use an ultraviolet sterilizer.
Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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