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[APD] Re: Planted tank with no fish

I have a plant only tank too, not a big deal really, just need to provide
extra macros in order to make up for the absence of fish. I did however
place some snails in there to remove some green algae that appeared after
the first couple weeks. Now most of them are gone and the tank is doing fine
on it's own. With less light you probably wouldn't even need those. I'm sure
you could sneak a couple amano shrimp in the tank, no one will see them
anyway :-)

Tank specs:
Size: 2.5g
Water changes: 100% weekly
Light: 14W GE Aqua Rays
Substrate: Fertiplant topped with eco-complete (some peat moss and crushed
flourish tabs below it all to start it off)
Fertilizers: Flourish Tabs, Flourish, Flourish Iron, KNO3, K2SO4, Fleet
Enema, DIY CO2

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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I understand that aquatic plants rely a lot on the
nutrients found in fish wastes to grow and survive. I
was wondering if plants can thrive in a aquarium tank
with no fish in it. If it is possible then what
supplements will I need to supply in order to
compensate for the lack of fish?

The only reason I ask this is because my apartment
doesn't allow pets whatsoever. But they didn't say I
couldn't have a planted tank :)



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