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[APD] Re: New pond algae and heat questions

Hello to another NFCer. :)

It sounds like your landscaper doesn't know much about ponds, or is thinking
a bit out of the box.

If you shut the waterfall off during the hottest part of the day, perhaps
it'll dry up that hair algae and kill it?  I don't think so.... but maybe
that's what your landscaper is thinking.

Personally, I think 4 feet is way too shallow for a pond, and would go for 6
in most spots.  It seems to me that you're either having a nutrient or a
light problem, and from your description, I'd guess light.  Some potted
lilies might help cure that on the end furthest from the waterfall.  On the
end closest, perhaps add in a lot of marginal plants.  These will shade it a
bit, and help absorb any excess nutrients.   That failing, there's always
stonerollers and sailfin mollies -- in Florida, both'll probably do just
fine. :)
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