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[APD] AGA Convention!

Ok guys - you already know all about this upcoming AGA Convention.
We've got a fantastic programme lined up for this years convention,
hosted by the Greater Washington Aquatic Plants Association (www.gwapa.org)

Field Trip:
The National Aquarium in Baltimore
Aquarium Center

Takashi Amano - world reknowned Photographer and Aquascaper
Jan Bastmeijer - the King of Cryptocorynes
Diana Walstead -  Author of  'Ecology of the Planted Aquaria'
Mike Senske -  Paludarium designer extraordinaire

Focus Groups:
Freshwater shrimp by Wilma Duncan
Emersed culture by Jan Bastmeijer
Back to basics by Dorothy Riemer
Collecting plants, driftwood and rocks

It's being hosted in Crystal City - a stones throw from DC. Infact, theres
a metro rail stop right int he basement of the hotel - a few minutes ride
all of DC's attractions!

Historically 90% of the convention registrations
occur during the month leading upto the convention.
That being said - we're already over 50% of MAX CAPACITY for
the field trip, banquet and convention registrations - and it's just the
begining of August! Registrations are starting to pick up again. At the
current rate, we're expecting to MAX OUT in about 6 weeks. So if you're
planning on making it to the convention - you better act now before we
run out of space. As if you needed any more incentive, the prices will go up
as we get closer to the convention date - but we will probably be filled
to capacity way before that happens anyway.


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