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[APD] New pond algae and heat questions

I have a new pond that my Better (Best) half had a landscape designer/contractor come in and landscape the back yard with a 2700 gal pond.   The person who dug the hole didn't follow the landscaper's instruction and make it deeper then they normally would dig ponds.  I requested a hole at lest 6 feet deep, if not deeper.  The hole only went to four feet deep.  Ever since the pond has been filled it has had an algae problem (to me) now the waterfall has hair type algae on the rocks (not any where else in the pond has that).   Here the question;

 1. The landscaper contractor told my wife the shut of the waterfall (and the only source of water surface transfer) during the hottest part of the day 2:30 PM until 6:30 PM to control the temperature.  I say leave it on to give on to provide more oxygen to the fish in the high temperature that we get in Gainesville Florida during the summer. 

2. The algae problem.  I would like to use Barley Straw extract to clear it up, but on the other hand it does filter the sun from getting the fish.  I do have a bridge crossing the center of the pond to over shade and some plants also. This pond gets many hours of sun daily.  Next year the broader plants will be high to offer more shading, but this year.

And to my collecting friends in NFC from the North Central Florida area the pond warming party is coming soon.  JiM C.
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