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Re: [APD] My bugs are underwater!

Byron J. Yu at sixty9 at gmail_com wrote:

> You guys have misunderstood, the bugs in my tank are in my tank... underwater!
> they are less than 1mm in size, and i've seen them crawl on my plants...
> Just wondering what they are and if they're dangerous..

If they're dark colored, very small (1mm or less), and they move like bugs,
theymay be silica borers. Over time they can bore into the tank glass. Their
web-like burrows are too small to detect with the naked eye, and you won't
even realize there is any damage until the sides finally weaken and
catastrophically disintegrate one day.

Just kidding. I didn't misunderstand you. The aphid posts weren't addressing
your bugs. I don't know what's in your tank. Maybe if you're more specific
somebody can identify them.

Dan Dixon

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