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RE: [APD] New Set Up

Scott, the owner of Glasscages will make any tank size you want and with his
reasonable regular prices I don't think it would be that much more than the
standard tank. I spent quite a bit of time with him last year at the NJAS
show and he impressed me as a good businessman and not a gouger. If someone
wants a tank that is "less high" than standard, they should contact him. If
you could pick it up at one of their shows you might find it not much more
than a standard tank. I do know from my conversation that he welcomes "odd
ball" tank sizes and does not consider them a problem.


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I've had no trouble with Angels and cardinals.  Even during breeding
time.  Just don't add small juvinals with full grown angels.

If you are still concerned the small fish how about this, 15 buenos
aires, 4 "natural" angels, and 10 medium sized S.A. cories.  For
plants 1-2 large growing swords, 2 different tall stem plants, 2
medium stem, and a carpet plant.

My favorite tank shape for plants would be 125, 75, and 40breeder in
that range.  I don't like tanks I can't reach into the back corner of.
 55's are just to long and narrow to make a good aquascape out of.

With the pictures of Tom Barr's tank without trim, I really think it
would be a good way to go if you cut the glass down.  I have yet to
have courage and time do take the trim off of my tanks though.  As I
don't have any duplicate sized tanks outside of 10's.

Scott RH.

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