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[APD] anyone in South Florida looking for SAEs or a CO2 tank?

I ordered some 36 Siamese Algae Eaters from Arizona Aquatic Gardens a
few weeks back. They were on back order, and silly me didn't pay
attention. Now they are on the FedEx truck and I no longer need them.
I'm not sure how well they would do to be shipped again, but I'm sure my
LFS won't give me very much for them. I'm switching to an African
cichlid tank after throwing in the towel in my algae fight. I don't
think these guys will do well in that. I paid $2.99 each, but I'm open
to offers. Especially if you are local, let me know ASAP.

If you're interested in picking up these guys, I'll make you a great
deal on any plants you care to take along. I have a huge Echinodorus
rubin and  Echinodorus ozelot. These were the "monster mother sword
plant" size when I bought them, and they are even bigger now. I also
have a beautiful, large, Aponogeton ulvaceus. Fish-wise, I have probably
20 Otocinclus, four Florida Flag Fish, 60 neons, two German Blue Rams, a
farlowella, three nice clown loaches, and 36 Nerite snails. I am open to
any offers. I will take them all to the LFS if need be, but I'd prefer
to have them go to a good home. I am in Parkland, Broward County, near
Coral Springs. 

I also have a full 20 lb CO2 tank that has never been used, and a second
that is mostly full. I can take them back for a small credit, but I'd
rather sell them to somebody who can use them. New cost is $125+20 for
the fill, but again I'm open to offers. Shipping is out of the question
on these.

I will put up the other equipment that I will no longer need soon, but
if you are looking for a Milwaukee CO2 regulator, controller, and probe;
an AquaMedic 500 gallon CO2 reactor; a DuplaFlex 1000 heating cable and
associated transformer and temp. controller; or 3 250w HQI pendants with
AB 5000k bulbs and electronic ballasts, let me know! I would be happy to
ship any of these.

I would be interested in trades involving Cyphotilapia frontosa, or
Synodontis multipunctatus. 



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