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Re: [APD] New Set Up

Tank size is largely a matter of personal preference. So
here are mine. Thanks that are relatively thin
(front-to-back campared to height and length) are a pain to
aquascape -- 55 gallons sort of suck.  75 or 90 gallons
might be the best unless you're into giant size tanks like
150 and above.

It's hard to remove a top rim without breaking either the
rim or one of the glass panels. Be prepared to order a new
rim if you go that route.

Tanks of just about any size *and* depth can be had. I know
of one company that makes them as shallow or tall as you



--- Robert Armas <rarmas at bellsouth_net> wrote:

> In about two months, after moving by the end of August to
> the new home, I will finally will fulfill my desire: to
> set up and mantain a planted tank.
> I need some advice and guidance.
> I will select something between 40 and 75 gallons, if the
> tank is too high, I may consider removing the top frame,
> have it cut down to near 12 inches by a glass cutter and
> putting back the top frame with silicone.
> I will use pressurized CO2 and reto-kits of CF light
> (sold by AH Supplies). Filter will be canister, probably
> Eheim( the one with the heater included inside).
> Now regarding the flora and fauna, I will like(does not
> mean I will get)a South American biotope, heavy on the
> plants side and about 4 or 5 wild peruvian angelfishes, a
> shoal of cardinal tetras or black neon tetras, a couple
> of siamese alga eaters and a squadron of Cardinia or
> other specie of shrimps that tolerate the low PH, low KH
> and high temp., and of course do a decent job on the
> algae.
> Will the angels make a meal of the shrimps or they can
> coexist together?
> Will my only option as "prized fishes" be limited to blue
> rams only?
> What plants will you recommend for this tank?
> Thanks in advance,
> Robert
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